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juggling chook

juggling chooks

I followed the instructions on Red Ted Art’s blog, to make this adorable little juggling chicken.  It took me 1.5 hours to put together and hand-stitch!  Fantastically quick!  I’m intending to make a few more of these but I will dig out my sewing machine as it will be even quicker if I machine stitch […]

sunset at gun wharf


We were lucky enough to have a baby sitter for the evening (thanks Mum!) and while we were eating we were treated to this gorgeous sunset.

pen pot

I upcycled an old gravy granules pot into a pen holder simply by gluing some fabric around it.  I used pinking shears so that the material wouldn’t fray. Its basically a rectangle of fabric, with probably half-inch of overlap.  I glued the pot sides (PVA), wrapped the material carefully around and then glued the overlap […]

Blue and white flowers

I love this colour combination, the Pyrocanthus in full bloom looks like heavy snow and the pretty blue Campanula peek out from the shade.


We’re looking forward to a street party this weekend to celebrate the Jubilee.  I have to admit, that even though I’m almost the opposite of a Royalist, it is lovely seeing all the bunting – really cheery!  I was persuaded to buy some for our house by my 3 year old – it does look […]